A Taste of Home

A taste of home is an online food mart that sells dried cooking ingredients and palm oil to households. The major focus of the brand is providing individuals and families with carefully sourced ingredients from the best parts of Nigeria at an affordable price.

What we did

Logo Design
Brand Identity Design
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Brand Material Design
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Brand colors
Brand colors

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Brand colors
Brand colors
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Project Overview

The project was to redesign the brand's existing logo, incorporating elements from the previous logo to ensure that their customers could identify the business when presented with the new logo. The new design had to incorporate the brand colours but with a fresh take on the design approach.

Project Objectives

The vision for the project was to create a logo that communicates healthy living and an organic lifestyle. We focused on the colours and elements that the customers were already familiar with from their previous brand elements while making it fresh and light.

1311 (Thirteen Eleven).jpg
1311 (Thirteen Eleven).jpg


1311 (Thirteen Eleven).jpg

I think working with the1311 team was one of the decisions I made that helped give my business the boost it needed.

Obianuju Odoh - Business Owner

We took the client's sketches and vision, put it to work and at the end was a finished logo that the client loved and signed off on. We were able to incorporate all the elements and deliver on a design that met the objectives of the project.

1311 (Thirteen Eleven).jpg
1311 (Thirteen Eleven).jpg

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