evolvEd which is short for Evolving Education Future Innovation Limited is an Educational Technology company, focused on transforming teaching & learning in Africa through technology. They have developed a 6 step system to improve & solve the problems in education with technology at the centre. With a clear vision, a system that had proven its worth and strong leadership, evolvEd needed a website to pull it all together and that’s where we came in.

What we did

Web Design
Logo Design
Brochure Design & Print
Business Card Design & Print

Google Workspace
Website Management
Domain Name Purchase
Brand Material Design

Brand colors
Brand colors

Project Link

Brand colors
Brand colors
Typography Font

Project Overview

evolvEd has been structured to do so much good in the educational sector in Africa but needed a way to communicate its intentions and services to the wider audience. According to the leadership, they wanted people to immediately understand the personality behind the brand wherever they interacted with it & understand in a glance what they were about. Our team took this as a challenge and got to work.

Project Objectives

The goals were very clear; To develop a brand that communicated evolvEd’s goals & personality, To build a platform that gave a sense of the organization’s vision at a glance & that was easy to navigate, To build an intuitive platform that people could easily interact with, where people could take tests & assessments to know where they ranked on the EdTech spectrum. To tie it all together, we designed brand materials that carry the brand essence across all platforms to ensure that whenever anyone interacted with anything relating to the brand, the person would immediately get an idea of the brand’s purpose & personality.

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A team more concerned about the growth of my business than anyone I have ever worked with.

Chidike Vincent - COO

The result was a brand designed to portray its industry, personality & the inclusion of technology as its core. We started by developing a colour palette with colours that are significant to the education sector aftermarket research & customer analysis. We developed a fully branded website with easy & intuitive navigation, responsive across all devices that gave a summary of everything evolvEd is about, the services they offer & a feature for people to get assessed. From the homepage, you immediately know where you are, what they do and you understand that technology is at their core. We designed a simple blog with content relevant to their industry & incorporated it into the website as well still bearing in mind the brand & its personality. For marketing & continuity of the brand, we designed & printed the company’s business cards & brochure which serves as their primary marketing material. Bearing in mind the evolution of the market the brochure was designed to have a print version, a presentation version & a flipbook version for easy application across different scenarios. Our technology team set up the organization's Google Workspace account developing device & user policies according to the organization's structure for security & privacy. We currently manage the website & serve as their Google Workspace Admin and so far have enjoyed an amazing partnership with evolvEd.

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