Golden Jolene Spa & Bodyline Therapy

With over 15 years of experience in the Spa & Skin Care industry, the founder of Golden Jolene Spa & Bodyline Therapy has set up this day spa to offer a luxury experience to its clients that promises relaxation & rejuvenation after. The spa treatments are delivered with organic products from her shop to give that healthy & natural effect on the body. The founder also has her own line of organic skincare & body care products which have helped her clients achieve that natural & clear skin that they have always dreamed of.

What we did

Website Audit
Website Redesign
Brochure Design & Print
Gift Card Design & Print

Website Management
Domain Name Purchase
Blog Management

Brand colors
Brand colors

Project Link

Brand colors
Brand colors
Typography Font

Project Overview

With such great service, comes a need to transfer that greatness to all mediums of communication which was why we were hired. The project was to develop marketing & communication materials that showcased the spa-quality & luxurious treatments as well as a befitting website. The brand has an existing website but after our UX audit & UI review, it was evident that the website was underperforming and wasn’t reflecting the brand in any way.

Project Objectives

The objective of the project was to design & print brochures that summarized the spa’s services at a glance, to design & print gift cards for the spa, to redesign & develop a responsive website that doubles as an online store for the spa and to design a blog that offers more insight into the spa treatments & services. Emphasis was laid on the redesign of the website as it was very important that it reflected the brand and exude luxury. More than that, the website needed to be responsive, intuitive & usable.

1311 (Thirteen Eleven).jpg
1311 (Thirteen Eleven).jpg


1311 (Thirteen Eleven).jpg

The before and after effect on our website is unbelievable. We love our new website so much and it reflects who we are.

Justina - CEO

In the end, our client received a beautifully designed brochure printed with a gloss finish to give a sense of luxury. We delivered different gift card designs for the different gift card packages to show the range. The brochure & gift card was designed to maintain the brand’s personality & color. The website was designed with gold as the primary color for that element of luxury with easy navigation & seamless transition. We integrated an order form for the store that works with a sales report document developed specifically for the brand. The website also has a scheduled appointment feature to encourage visitors to visit right away & a landing page for the first-timer discount to grab the attention of new visitors. The blog, The Bodyline was designed to be simple yet informative and linked to each treatment offered at the spa to give more insight into them. The work done was to give the brand a good first impression which we delivered on.

1311 (Thirteen Eleven).jpg
1311 (Thirteen Eleven).jpg

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