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Hey! Bonjour

Hey! Bonjour is a French-language platform that offers online and offline language sessions for anyone looking to learn regardless of their level. They focus on bringing a more interactive touch to learning in general, infusing the ways of the French in their processes. Their team is led by the founder, who has lived in a francophone country with an ample amount of teaching experience under her belt. Like their mantra, the brand’s major goal is to help people learn the language easily and at their own pace.

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What we did

Logo Design 

Brand Identity Design 

Brand Guideline 

Domain Name Purchase 

Website Design & Development

Website Managment

Google Workspace 


Project Overview

The project was a full-service design project that cut across brand identity, web experience & technology. We were tasked with creating a brand identity for Hey Bonjour from scratch. Starting with developing the persona of the brand, we moved on to design the brand guideline, logo then a web experience for clients. The website was to be a 2-in-1 design; On one hand, the website was to serve as an e-learning platform and on the other hand, a portfolio site for the founder. Finally, the project included integrating technology into the business through Google Workspace.

Brand colors
Brand colors
Brand colors
Brand colors
1311 (Thirteen Eleven).jpg
1311 (Thirteen Eleven).jpg
1311 (Thirteen Eleven).jpg
1311 (Thirteen Eleven).jpg

Project Objectives

With this project, the goal was to create a consistent identity that flowed into the website. The client wanted a playful logo and a similar theme for the website bearing in mind that the website would be performing two different functions. Considering the website will be serving all types of students, we had to make it easy for anyone to interact with the website and navigate it. The portfolio part of the website was to showcase the work and projects of the founder.

Website Features

  • Blog

  • Chat Support

  • Automations

Technology Features

  • Custom emails for staff e.g

  • Google Workspace policy setup

  • Admin Console Management


We kept it to the basics with respect to features and interactivity. The result was a platform, designed to be inclusive. Anyone regardless of their level of exposure to technology could easily navigate the website, attend their classes and access the resources. People looking to see a more professional part of the founder could access the portfolio part of the website to do so and see at a glance the good work being done. It was two separate platforms, designed to work well as one.

1311 (Thirteen Eleven).jpg

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