Oma's Heart

Oma’s Heart is a project dear to the founder’s heart as it is a memoir of her journey as a Christian young woman & wife. She talks about different issues with a bit of humour here and there to liven her posts. The brand, Oma’s Heart was created to reflect warmth & comfort as her posts are written to encourage anyone who comes across them.

What we did

Web Design
Logo Design
Brand Identity Design

Google Workspace
Website Management
Domain Name Purchase

Brand colors
Brand colors

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Brand colors
Brand colors
Typography Font

Project Overview

We were approached by the founder to design a digital platform that felt like a safe space for visitors & readers of the blog. She specifically requested a “Yellow Themed” blog as the colour yellow gives off a sense of warmth, brightness & comfort. The task was an exciting one for the team to take on and we didn’t disappoint.

Project Objectives

The objective of the project was to design a yellow themed blog that felt like a safe space for the readers or anyone who came across it. In the end, the blog was to reflect warmth across every page & feature.

1311 (Thirteen Eleven).jpg
1311 (Thirteen Eleven).jpg


1311 (Thirteen Eleven).jpg

Get you a team 1311. Everytime I work with them, the result is always the same. Perfection.

Chioma Ikenna-Ibeh - Blogger

We choose a color palette that incorporates bright yellow and subtle shades of yellow with a dark blue color to balance the brightness. We designed the blog to feel personal, like a journal of our founder's journey. This element alongside the friendly brand voice would give it the feel of a safe space. We incorporate a fair amount of animations to make the site more friendly, intuitive & welcoming. The user’s experience was a core of the design hence the easy navigation & usability.

1311 (Thirteen Eleven).jpg
1311 (Thirteen Eleven).jpg

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