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Getting into the business scene in a foreign country can prove to be tasking especially when it comes to the necessary registrations and policies of the particular industry. With this in mind, Pinnacle Business Solutions, PBS, was conceived to be a business consultancy firm for international companies looking to do business in Nigeria and is run by a man with a wealth of experience. With services like startup advisory, trade facilitation, investment readiness, due diligence, regulatory compliance & business structuring, PBS has positioned itself to effectively take international companies and strategically place them in the Nigerian business scene.

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What we did

Web Design & Development

Website Management

Domain Name Purchase 

Microsoft Office 365 


Project Overview

Despite all the effective structure created to ensure that their business runs smoothly, they needed a platform to capture international audiences & to serve as an avenue for potential international clients to easily reach them. What better way to go than digital? The answer was simple; they needed a responsive, well-designed website that appealed to the international audience. In the CEO’s words “We would like a clean & responsive website, emphasis on clean”.

Brand colors
Brand colors
Brand colors
Brand colors
1311 (Thirteen Eleven).jpg
1311 (Thirteen Eleven).jpg
1311 (Thirteen Eleven).jpg
1311 (Thirteen Eleven).jpg

Project Objectives

The objective was clear; To design a website that gave a rundown of the companies values, visions & services they offer. The website needed to be clean & very easy to navigate. Also, the website needed to be responsive to all devices especially desktops as the analytics showed that a good percentage of the people that interacted with the company would typically use their laptops more than their phones. This was also backed with data from the visitor analytics of the first 6 months.

Website Features

  • Blog

  • Chat Support

  • Automations

Technology Features


Nothing says clean more than a white background and ample white space. The word clean inspired our team to design a website that would appeal to the vast majority of our client’s users at the centre. We use the brand colors to feature as accent colors for that pop of color. The website has proven to be doing what it was designed for a good percentage of the companies international clients have come through the website.

1311 (Thirteen Eleven).jpg

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